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Tarjei Vesaas

Of all our authors, Tarjei Vesaas is the one who comes closest to simple perfection, technical and moral, and his sparse understated style has made him a giant in his native Norway. Peter Owen regards The Ice Palace as the finest book that he has published.

Vesaas was born in his ancestral farmhouse in Vinje, southern Norway, which had been passed down from father to son for 300 years. With little taste for travel, he died there in 1970 . A hugely impressive literary modernist he wrote in his native Nyorsk rather than the Danish influenced Bokmål. In spite of his apparent isolation he was a prolific writer, publishing twenty-five novels as well as several volumes of poetry, short stories and plays. His treatment of difficult themes,especially mortality and his magnificent descriptions of the Nordic landscape and society show him to be a writer of great profundity and humanity.

'We have used up all the superlatives and then, when they are needed, what is to be done?' - Doris Lessing

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