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Two Serious Ladies

Jane Bowles

Christina and Frieda are two staid women who want to break out but end up breaking down in Jane Bowles’ bizarre and marvellous 1943 novel.

Christina Goering is a wealthy spinster in pursuit of sainthood who ends up as a high-class call-girl, while Frieda Copperfield leaves her dull husband and heads for Panama where she falls in love with a prostitute. Written with biting wit and cool compassion, Two Serious Ladies is a bittersweet celebration of female freedom that has been hailed as a landmark in twenitieth-century literature.

‘A work of peculiar sharpness, originality and power.’ – Guardian

‘One of the really original pure stylists . . . a modern legend.’ – Truman Capote

‘Extremely funny fantasy.’ – Observer

‘One of the finest modern writers of fiction in any language’ – John Ashbery, New York Times Book Review

JANE BOWLES was born in New York in 1917. In 1938 she married the writer and composer Paul Bowles and travelled with him to Europe, Central America, Mexico and Sri Lanka, before settling in Tangier, Morocco, in 1947. In addition to Two Serious Ladies, she wrote the play In the Summer House (which opened on Broadway in 1953) and her famous collection of short stories, Plain Pleasures. Her work has been translated into many languages, securing her an international reputation. She died in Málaga in 1973.