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Sophia of Hanover  – From Winter Princess to Heiress of Great Britain, 1630 - 1714

J.N. Duggan

Sophia, Electress of Hanover (1630 1714), grand-daughter of James I and mother of George I, is best remembered as the link between the Houses of Stuart and Hanover. But, above all, she was a gifted and prolific chronicler and her detailed memoirs and letters give us an insider s view of life for the top echelons of society in the 16th century. A true European, Sophia spoke English, French, German, Dutch and Italian fluently, she was open minded and intellectually curious. Her writings cover an astonishing variety of subjects: religion, philosphy, international gossip, household hints, poltics and the details of her family life. J.N. Duggan has translated Sophia's memoir and thousands of letters to paint a remarkable portrait of a woman who deserves to be known by modern-day Europeans.

J.N. DUGGAN was born in Sheffield but raised in Ireland where she completed a BSc at University College, Dublin. She returned to Sheffield to train as a nurse and work in a hospital laboratory. She now lives in Galway and is working on a biography of Count John Axel Fersen, friend and possible lover to Marie Antoinette. Read more about J.N. Duggan here and Sophia of Hanover here