Jonathan Carter's Unbelievable Guide to London

Two unreasonably neglected classics from the canon of HG Wells

Peter Owen at the Cinema

The Irish Times Reviews Three Loves One Death

Eileen Battersby of the Irish Times reviews Three Loves, One Death. ‘Flisar allows his characters to express their unease. There is extensive interaction, which makes the story oddl...

Peter Owen World Series Spanish Spring

Colquhoun the Artist

  The following text is adapted from the writings of Richard Shillitoe, whose biographical and bibliographical work on Ithell Colquhoun pretty much make him the foremost expert on the subje...

March 2017: The SIMPOL Solution

Who Was Ithell Colquhoun?

Shusaku Endo and that Nescafé advert

A note from Frank to Peter

Indrek Hargla and Apothecary Melchior in the UK!

The legacy of Tarjei Vesaas

Peter Owen regards Vesaas’s The Ice Palace as the finest book that he has published. Doris Lessing said of it, with a sincere critic’s frustration, ‘We have used up all the su...

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