8th August 2015

Recent Publications #1 - August 2015

27th July 2015

Acclaimed novelist Abdullah Hussein has died

25th July 2015

Qazi Rahman on 'Gay Genes' in The Guardian

24th July 2015

Ticket To Paradise – Daily Mail Review

A good, positive review for Elizabeth Morgan’s ‘wonderfully vivid’ historical novel Ticket To Paradise in the Daily Mail: Tweet...

18th July 2015

The Duke of Bedford's Book of Snobs - 50th Anniversary

9th July 2015

Happy Birthday Mervyn Peake

Happy Birthday to Mervyn Peake, born on this day in 1911. Best known for his surreal gothic trilogy of Gormenghast novels, Peake was also a poet and playwright. His first success though was ...

9th June 2015

Lusitania – Tragedy or War Crime?

1st June 2015

Dalí Competition Winners

6th May 2015

Salvador Dalí 111th Birthday Selfie Competition

6th May 2015

Hay Festival 2015 - Elizabeth Morgan Event Competition

25th April 2015

Hermann Hesse – Rare Items and Classic Books

5th April 2015

Peter Owen in Japan 1979 - Audio Interview

Peter Owen launched his independent publishing house in April 1951. He was only 24 at the time, but had already been in publishing for a few years having co-founded the company Peter Nevill ...

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