6th May 2015

Salvador Dalí 111th Birthday Selfie Competition

25th April 2015

Hermann Hesse – Rare Items and Classic Books

13th March 2015

Sir Terry Pratchett, OBE – (1948-2015)

4th March 2015

Circus Mania and the Circus Animals Debate

In a Huffington Post blog entry Douglas McPherson explains how he came to change his mind on the vexed issue of animal performers in circuses: I was brought up to believe it was wrong for an...

19th November 2014

Fifty-one years on, Tarjei Vesaas's The Ice Palace is an award-winner

19th November 2014

The Brontës in Brussels (. . . and Paris!)

Walking along the platform in a Paris Métro station recently, I noticed a display with life-size reproductions of some of the nearby Musee des Lettres et Manuscrits’ collection of wr...

24th October 2014

Johanna Sinisalo at the Frankfurt Book Fair

14th October 2014

Benjamin Zephaniah on Peake's Book of Nonsense

19th September 2014

Michael Sherborne on ITV

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