Kaye Donachie – a painting for The Ice Palace

An extract from The Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas.

The Beauty of Siddhartha’s Weaknesses

Christopher Priest on Ice

Anna Kavan’s Ice was first published by Peter Owen in 1967. Today it is hailed as a classic of science fiction and an influential work of the ‘slipstream’ genre. A new har...

20th September 2017

The House of Remembering and Forgetting – an introduction to the novel

14th September 2017

Rosemary Friedman: 'Hands'

The prolific author Rosemary Friedman reflects on the power of our hands in an essay taken from her latest collection Final Draft: Reflections on Life.   Hands Hold infinity in the palm...

1st May 2017

José Ovejero: Memories of Madrid

28th April 2017


28th April 2017

Why I Write, Cristina Fernández Cubas

28th April 2017

Inventing Love

12th April 2017

Wolf Moon

6th April 2017

A sample from Nona's Room

A Few Days with the Wahyes-Wahno Cristina Fernández Cubas From the short story collection Nona’s Room      had always thought that my aunt and uncle, Valeria and Tristán,...

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