Dom Casmurro

The Death of Mr Punch

How To Write Your First Novel

Alberta and Freedom

Alberta in Translation   “Something she had witnessed had clothed itself in words in the secret recesses of her mind.” Cora Sandel’s trilogy of Alberta novels has sadly falle...

Tracy Chevalier on Cora Sandel

An extract from Alberta and Jacob by Cora Sandel

Women in Translation First published in English in 1962, Cora Sandel’s trilogy of Alberta novels, have sadly fallen into obscurity. They are classics in every sense of the word, deserv...

Evelyn Farr talks Marie Antoinette on the Istros podcast

Damian Flanagan introduces Soseki's Three-Cornered World


A sneak preview of Apothecary Melchior and the Ghost of Rataskaevu Street

Enjoy a sneak preview of Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice

from Madonna from Russia by Yuri Druzhnikov

CHAPTER ONE Pulling the auditorium door closed behind me, I went to the blackboard, wrote out the day’s topic and began speaking, when I noticed that this old man was once again sitting ri...

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