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The Singular, Undeniably Unusual Life of Anna Kavan

Anna Kavan - The Awful Force of Inanimate Things

In deep with Anna Kavan

The Last Refuge reviewed in the Economist

Hasan Nuhanovic’s new title ‘The Last Refuge‘, published by Peter Owen last July, has been compared to Under Pressure by Faruk Sehic in the Economist magazine.  The articl...

Ithell Colquhoun in the news

Naomi Frears – a painting for Ice

The new edition of Anna Kavan’s Ice features the brushwork of British artist Naomi Frears. In the painting Wish You Were Here the brightness of her female figure seems ready to fade...

Fraser Taylor – Peculiarities

12 days of Christmas

Jesus Christ, the Nobel Prize and Shusaku Endo

A Model Citizen – a short story by Jonathan Carter

Silence in the news

Twitter responds to Scorsese's Silence

An early press screening of Scorsese’s adaption of Silence garnered plenty of praise on social media. Here are a few of the highlights: I saw SILENCE twice today. First time, I was absorbe...

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