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5th October 2015

Alek Popov's novel The Black Box reviewed

17th September 2015

Agatha Christie's Missing Days - Truth and Fiction

16th September 2015

#StrengthToSayNo Campaign Takes Hold in India

15th September 2015

Why Endo never won a Nobel Prize

Peter Owen was Shusaku Endo’s friend, English language publisher and agent for many years. In the Japan Times, Damian Flanagan talks about the author’s work, Martin Scorsese̵...

12th September 2015

Rekha Kalindi - Women Planet Review

25th August 2015

Shusaku Endo - Wonderful Fool

Rumour has it that principal photography for director Martin Scorsese’s long-awaited adaptation of Shusaku Endo’s masterpiece Silence is now complete, and postproduction work c...

18th August 2015

Frederic Raphael's 'Private Views' Reviewed in the Jewish Chronicle

8th August 2015

Recent Publications #1 - August 2015

2nd August 2015

China Miéville Recommends Anna Kavan

27th July 2015

Acclaimed novelist Abdullah Hussein has died

25th July 2015

Qazi Rahman on 'Gay Genes' in The Guardian

24th July 2015

Ticket To Paradise – Daily Mail Review

A good, positive review for Elizabeth Morgan’s ‘wonderfully vivid’ historical novel Ticket To Paradise in the Daily Mail: Tweet...

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