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Jaan Kaplinski is awarded the 2016 European Prize for Literature

'One For My Baby' launches in style

Anna Kavan, Enigmatic – and Generous

Alek Popov – A Bulgarian in New York

Alek Popov, author of satirical novels Mission London and The Black Box, appeared recently at the New Literature from Europe Festival in New York. We were proud to launch The Black Box, Alek...

'One For My Baby' & 'Zapple Diaries' Reviewed on BBC Radio

The Zapple Diaries in the Smallest Beatles Museum in the World

Prized by Beatles fans and aficionados of 1960s counterculture,  Barry Miles’ The Zapple Diaries: The Rise and Fall of the Last Beatles Label has reached at least as far as Germany. H...

The Zapple Diaries - Available Now

Rekha Kalindi - Hindustani Times Interview

Alek Popov's novel The Black Box reviewed

Agatha Christie's Missing Days - Truth and Fiction

#StrengthToSayNo Campaign Takes Hold in India

Why Endo never won a Nobel Prize

Peter Owen was Shusaku Endo’s friend, English language publisher and agent for many years. In the Japan Times, Damian Flanagan talks about the author’s work, Martin Scorsese̵...

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