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18th July 2015

The Duke of Bedford's Book of Snobs - 50th Anniversary

14th July 2015

HG Wells and How the Atom Bomb Changed Everything

4th July 2015

150 Years of Alice In Wonderland - In The Shadow of the Dreamchild

21st June 2015

Elizabeth Morgan Hay Festival Talk

Launching her historical novel Ticket To Paradise, Elizabeth Morgan gave a fascinating talk at the Hay Festival 2015. With host Horatio Clare, and readings from the novel with actor Richard ...

17th June 2015

Private Views - a new novel by Frederic Raphael

13th June 2015

A Royal Roundup

Over the years we’ve published a number of books on royals. From the truly regal to the abominably rakish, from the responsible and respectable to the ramshackle, rambunctious and raps...

8th June 2015

Rekha Kalindi: The Strength To Say No

27th March 2015

Martin Scorsese and Shusaku Endo's 'Silence'

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