New Titles

8th April 2019

The Gospel According to Lazarus

7th September 2018

Finding Nemon: The Extraordinary Life of the Outsider Who Sculpted the Famous

20th March 2018

World Series Baltics

7th November 2017

Naomi Frears – a painting for Ice

The new edition of Anna Kavan’s Ice features the brushwork of British artist Naomi Frears. In the painting Wish You Were Here the brightness of her female figure seems ready to fade...

6th November 2017

Fraser Taylor – Peculiarities

6th November 2017

Kaye Donachie – a painting for The Ice Palace

Beneath the dust jacket of the new edition of The Ice Palace is a painting by the London-based artist Kaye Donachie. You might be surprised to learn that Donachie’s painting was not s...

3rd October 2017

Goose of Hermogenes (Special Illustrated Edition)

20th September 2017

Cased Classics

13th September 2017

Final Draft by Rosemary Friedman

16th June 2017

Peter Owen World Series: Serbia