13th October 2015

Rekha Kalindi - Hindustani Times Interview

5th October 2015

Alek Popov's novel The Black Box reviewed

26th September 2015

Frederic Raphael's 'Private Views' Reviewed in The Lady

16th September 2015

#StrengthToSayNo Campaign Takes Hold in India

Rekha Kalindi’s book about her refusal to become a child bride, risk her health and sacrifice her education has become a rallying point in India. As part of publicity for the book ther...

15th September 2015

Why Endo never won a Nobel Prize

12th September 2015

Rekha Kalindi - Women Planet Review

There’s an enthusiastic review of Rekha Kalindi’s book The Strength to Say No: One Girl’s Fight Against Forced Marriage over on the website Women Planet. Appropriately enough f...

18th August 2015

Frederic Raphael's 'Private Views' Reviewed in the Jewish Chronicle

2nd August 2015

China Miéville Recommends Anna Kavan

25th July 2015

Qazi Rahman on 'Gay Genes' in The Guardian

24th July 2015

Ticket To Paradise – Daily Mail Review

31st March 2015

Anna Kavan's 'Ice' - Reviewed by Simon Lavery

17th March 2015

Apollinaire in the Great War 1914-1918 — Review in the Independent

David Hunter’s book Apollinaire In The Great War 1914-18 has received a very positive review in the Independent newspaper. Describing Apollinaire’s motives for joining up and fig...

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