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9th March 2017

Two unreasonably neglected classics from the canon of HG Wells

1st February 2017

Panorama is Nick Lezard's Choice in The Guardian

30th January 2017

Shusaku Endo

12th January 2017

Peter Owen World Series Spanish Spring

Peter Owen World Series Read the world – three books at a time 3 works of literature in 2 seasons each year from 1 country each season Following the successful launch of Slovenian Autumn ...

14th December 2016

12 days of Christmas

12th December 2016

Endo in his own words

In 1991, five years before the author’s death, Shusaku Endo composed this short autobiographical piece for The Guardian. It was never published. Here it is edited by Antonia Owen. Shusaku...

9th December 2016

Jesus Christ, the Nobel Prize and Shusaku Endo

8th December 2016

A Model Citizen – a short story by Jonathan Carter

7th December 2016

Silence in the news

7th December 2016

Shusaku Endo in conversation with William Johnston

6th December 2016

Twitter responds to Scorsese's Silence

1st November 2016

March 2017: The SIMPOL Solution


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