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30th August 2019

Win a set of Ithell Colquhoun Taro Cards

9th May 2018

An interview with Kai Aareleid

20th March 2018

World Series Baltics

13th February 2018

Britain’s first commercial science Periodical

Anna Gielas in the Guardian describes how William Nicholson paved the way for the steady and reliable circulation of Science with his Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and the Arts....

5th February 2018

In Good Society...

5th February 2018

Q&A with Sue Durrell on William Nicholson

Sue Durrell is the editor of The Life of William Nicholson, a biography of an eminent Enlightenment figure whose significance to the scientific culture of the late eighteenth century has si...

4th February 2018

Professor Frank James, Locating William Nicholson

7th November 2017

Naomi Frears – a painting for Ice

6th November 2017

Fraser Taylor – Peculiarities

3rd October 2017

Goose of Hermogenes (Special Illustrated Edition)

28th September 2017

The Life of William Nicholson

20th September 2017

Cased Classics

Introducing an eye-catching series of special hardback editions – the Cased Classics. We have teamed up with some of Britain’s best and most promising contemporary artists whose work wil...

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