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Exodus of the Storks Book Launch

Peter Owen's Autobiography

Reviving our most Pioneering book

The Singular, Undeniably Unusual Life of Anna Kavan

Below is an article which initially appeared in The Nation magazine, written by Audrey Wollen: Machines in the Head gives a glimpse into a writer whose work and career upended conventions ar...

Anna Kavan - The Awful Force of Inanimate Things

In deep with Anna Kavan

A lengthy and perceptive feature review by Leo Robson in the New Yorker magazine of 23 March 2020 focuses on the British author Anna Kavan and Machines in the Head, a comprehensive new antho...

The Last Refuge reviewed in the Economist

Ithell Colquhoun in the news

An interview with Kai Aareleid

World Series Baltics

Britain’s first commercial science periodical

In Good Society...

A list of societies of which William Nicholson was a member: The Cannonians (around 1780) – this was the name of an informal dining club that met in a cookshop in Porridge Island near St....

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