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Joining forces with Istros Books

Q&A with David Coubrough

Europe's best indie novels

Introducing five great Japanese writers

If you aren’t yet familiar with Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Shusaku Endo, Yukio Mishima, Wahei Tatematsu and Natsume Soseki, please let us introduce you…   Ryunosuke Akutagawa was an imm...

Jaan Kaplinski is awarded the 2016 European Prize for Literature

The Zapple Diaries: 'absolutely incredible ... blazingly evocative'

The Zapple Diaries has already got some big fans! Pete Paphides, highly respected music journalist and broadcaster, calls it ‘absolutely incredible’ and ‘blazingly evocati...

Anna Kavan, Enigmatic – and Generous

Alek Popov – A Bulgarian in New York

'One For My Baby' & 'Zapple Diaries' Reviewed on BBC Radio

The Zapple Diaries in the Smallest Beatles Museum in the World

The Zapple Diaries - Available Now

Rekha Kalindi - Hindustani Times Interview

The Hindustani Times has published an illuminating interview with rights activist Rekha Kalindi who co-authored the book The Strength to Say No: One Girl’s Fight Against Forced Marriage wi...

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