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14th November 2015

Alek Popov – A Bulgarian in New York

12th November 2015

'One For My Baby' & 'Zapple Diaries' Reviewed on BBC Radio

6th November 2015

The Zapple Diaries in the Smallest Beatles Museum in the World

5th November 2015

The Zapple Diaries - Available Now

The Zapple Diaries: The Rise and Fall of the Last Beatles Label. Barry Miles, a co-founder of International Times, was running the Indica Gallery and Bookshop when Paul McCartney invited him...

13th October 2015

Rekha Kalindi - Hindustani Times Interview

17th September 2015

Agatha Christie's Missing Days - Truth and Fiction

Unless you’re a digital hermit it’s been nigh on impossible to avoid the fact that 15th September 2015 was the 125th anniversary of Agatha Christie’s birth. Amidst the cele...

16th September 2015

#StrengthToSayNo Campaign Takes Hold in India

15th September 2015

Why Endo never won a Nobel Prize

12th September 2015

Rekha Kalindi - Women Planet Review

25th August 2015

Shusaku Endo - Wonderful Fool

2nd August 2015

China Miéville Recommends Anna Kavan

14th July 2015

HG Wells and How the Atom Bomb Changed Everything

“Nuclear Age anxieties had a profound effect on film, TV, music and literature – artists found creative responses to the spectre of destruction,” writes Samira Ahmed for the BB...

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