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‘I can be quite obscure and practically marzipan.’

From the macabre to the brilliantly off-beat, Mervyn Peake’s nonsense verse can, like marzipan, be enjoyed by young and old alike.

This collection of writings and drawings has been selected by his widow, Maeve Gilmore, and it introduces a whole gallery of characters and creatures, such as the Dwarf of Battersea and Footfruit. Quirky and comical, occasionally alarming, but always magical.

Featuring illustrations by the author
With a foreword by Benjamin Zephaniah
‘Peake deserves a place among the eccentrics of the English tradition alongside Sterne, Blake, Lear, Carroll and Belloc.’ – Times Literary Supplement
‘He can try on the strangest clothes without losing his own strange identity … a genuinely haunted imagination which stamps everything he wrote or drew.’ – Guardian

MERVYN PEAKE (1911–1968) was born in China of medical missionary parents. He began to draw, paint and write stories at an early age. His first book of poems, Shapes and Sounds, was published in 1941. He is best known for his Titus novels Titus Groan, Gormenghast and Titus Alone, but other well-known poetry collections include The Glassblowers and The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb. He was awarded the W.H. Heinemann Foundation Prize by the Royal Society of Literature in 1950. Mervyn Peake died after a long illness in 1968.

BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH is probably one of the most high-profile international authors writing today, with an enormous breadth of appeal, equally popular with adults and children. Most well-known for his performance poetry with a political edge for adults and ground-breaking performance poetry for children, Zephaniah has also written several urban novels for teenagers. He travels the world speaking about his books and poetry.

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Date Published 30th June 2011
ISBN Number 9780720613612
Pages 224

A Book Of Nonsense

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