• Inventing Love

Available May 2017

Part of the Peter Owen World Series: Spain

When Samuel receives a call out of the blue about the death of his lover Clara, his own numbing existence seems about to end. Does it matter that he never knew Clara? And, if he invents a past for his love and his loss, could he even fake his way through her funeral? Unable to pass up the chance at leading a new life, Samuel leads himself down a path of lies, until he can no longer distinguish between what is real and what he has invented.

From Spain's answer to contemporary authors such as Alex Garland and Chuck Palahniuk, José Ovejero's existential thriller of first mistaken and then stolen identity exposes the fictions people create to sustain themselves in a dehumanising modern world.

Translated from the Spanish by Simon Deefholts and Kathryn Phillips-Miles

JOSÉ OVEJERO (b. 1958) is a renowned contemporary Spanish novelist. He has published seven novels as well as several collections of short stories and essays.

Bibliographic Data
Date Published May 2017
ISBN Number 9780720619492
Pages 220

Inventing Love

  • £9.99

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