• Panorama

*Shortlisted for the 2017 Oxford-Weidenfeld Prize*

Part of the Peter Owen World Series: Slovenia

Dušan Šarotar takes the reader on a deeply reflective yet kaleidoscopic journey from northern to southern Europe. In a manner reminiscent of W.G. Sebald, Šarotar supplements the narrative with photographs, which help to blur the lines between fiction and journalism. The writer’s experience of landscape is bound up in a personal yet elusive search for self-discovery, as he and a diverse group of international fellow travellers relate in their individual and distinctive voices their unique stories and their common quest for somewhere they might call home.

"... the hydraulic ebb and flow of Panorama’s sentence waves subsumes the role of narration ... Giving oneself to these meditative rhythms represents the true depth and joy of this novel – and it is a spiritual joy." – Andrew Singer, World Literature Today
"This is not a novel in which anything happens; it has all happened already, catastrophically, and the condition of exile is the only place from which one can achieve peace or perspective. This is what I think this marvellous book is telling us." – Nicholas Lezard, Guardian
"Some literature defies simple description. Case in point, Panorama, by Slovenian poet and writer Dušan Šarotar. One might be inclined to define it as a meditation within a travelogue within a novel. Or perhaps you would prefer to rearrange those terms, it probably wouldn’t matter, because in spite of its subtitle: A Narrative about the Course of Events, Panorama stands at a curious angle to space and time. It is a novel of remembering, of telling and retelling, narratives within narratives, bound together by a coarse thread of repeating themes that are at once timeless and timely." – Joseph Schreiber, Numéro Cinq

Translated from the Slovene by Rawley Grau
Panorama was Nick Lezard's Choice in The Guardian. Read the review here

The Peter Owen World Series is a collaborative project with Istros Books bringing you a selection of three books from one language, culture or geographical region twice a year.

DUŠAN ŠAROTAR is a poet, novelist, screenwriter, journalist and an important cultural figure in the Balkans. His short stories and poems have been translated into several languages. His novels Billiards at the Hotel Dobray (2007) and Panorama (2014) were nominated for the Kresnik Award for the best novel written in Slovenian.
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Date Published 17th November 2016
ISBN Number 9780720619225
Pages 220


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