• Diary of a Short-Sighted Adolescent

Supposedly the work of a young Mircea Eliade, one of Romania's and Europe's greatest writers and intellectuals, Diary of a Short-Sighted Adolescent provides a unique insight into the musings of an inchoate genius, in the form of a schoolboy's diary set against Bucharest in the 1920s.

The short-sighted adolescent is a passionate reader who takes various cultural figures as models, trying to emulate both their lives or their works. The pupil protagonist is a poor student, who likes science and reads a lot of books, sometimes staying up all night to do so. At the age of fifteen, he decides to write a novel to demonstrate to his teachers that he is not as mediocre as all the other students. Is he really prepared to give up everything he holds dear for his art?

As readable as The Catcher in the Rye, and as funny Adrian Mole, Diary of a Short-Sighted Adolescent is a playful, pioneering and refreshing addition to the epistolary novel.

Translated from the Romanian by Christopher Moncrieff

'Eliade may be describing the life of a student in a Romanian lycée of almost a century ago, but anyone who has ever been at school, full of ideals but also too shy to speak to the opposite sex, or incapable of revising for an exam until the very last minute, will relate to this. As will anyone who has ever committed their private thoughts to paper, as the true record of their soul and a rebuke to posterity.' – Nicholas Lezard's Choice, Guardian
'The power of Diary is that, while not being a novel unique to Romania, it can be read as metonymous of it. . .For all its boyish, slapdash sentiments, this is a refined piece of work.' – TLS

MIRCEA ELIADE (1907–1986) was a Romanian historian of religion, philosopher, novelist and professor at the University of Chicago.
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Date Published 11th April 2016
ISBN Number 9781908236210
Pages 196

Diary of a Short-Sighted Adolescent

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