Abbé de Choisy

ABBÉ DE CHOISY (1644–1724) was born François-Timoléon de Choisy in Paris, France. He was an abbot, an author and an infamous transvestite. His mother delighted in dressing him as a girl until he was eighteen years old. After a short spell in male attire he became, by all accounts, the classic transvestite — a male heterosexual who never attempted to disguise his biological sex while going about in public in full female dress.

Poverty, incurred by his extravagance, and a severe illness brought about a sudden religious conversion in him. Thereafter, in 1685 he joined a mission to Siam, and was ordained a priest. He was admitted to the Academy in 1687, and wrote a number of historical and religious works. However, he is best remembered for his gossiping Mémoires (1737), which contain striking pictures of his life as a transvestite and remarkably exact portraits of his contemporaries, although with small pretensions to historical accuracy.

The Transvestite Memoirs

The Transvestite Memoirs

The classic salacious memoirs of an 18th-century transvestite. By a whim of his mother, François-T..

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