Edmondo de Amicis

EDMONDO DE AMICIS (1846–1908) was an Italian novelist, journalist, poet and short-story writer, best-known for the novel Cuore, a epistolary novel written from the perspective of a school boy.

De Amicis was born in Piedmont in 1846, at a time when Italy lay dismembered. A soldier by profession, he spent much of his youth fighting for a united Italy. An admirer of the writer Alessandro Manzoni, who considered that Florentine should be the standard Italian language, he wrote only in Florentine Italian.

With the huge success of Cuore he achieved his goal of having had – through his novel’s central place on the school syllabus– a formative influence on the written language of modern Italy.

Cuore: The Heart of a Boy

Cuore: The Heart of a Boy

Since its first publication, Cuore has become required reading for generations of Italians, being re..

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