• Christina Alberta's Father

Rediscover lesser known classics from the canon of H.G. Wells, introduced by Wells scholar and acclaimed biographer Michael Sherborne.

In the months following his wife’s death, Mr. Preemby, a retired laundryman becomes convinced that he is the incarnation of Sargon, the ancient king of Sumeria, returned to save a world upturned by the First World War. Trying to make sense of Mr Preemby is his stepdaughter, Christina Alberta.

A masterclass in comic invention, Christina Alberta’s Father depicts characters who long for something to believe in, just so long as it is not ‘some horrible Utopia by Wells’, but whose attempts to change the world are always doomed to disappointment. Whether taken as a social satire, a psychological study or a critique of Wells’s own beliefs and relationships, Christina Alberta’s Father makes for a fascinating and delightful read.

With an introduction by Michael Sherborne, the acclaimed biographer of H.G. Wells, who suggests that this story of a girl who learns that her parents are not who she thought voices Wells’s fears and hopes about how his own illegitimate daughter would react when she discovered that he was her real father.
The hero of his story Christina Alberta's Father is a petty businessman, completely imprisoned in his prosaic surroundings and his business. But in his few leisure hours another ego gradually emerges from his subconscious. He fancies he is the re-embodiment of the Babylonian ruler Sargon I, the reincarnation of king of kings. Some kind of Sargon, in various disguises, is hiding in everyone of us. The fact that he cannot get out of the subconscious and is unable to develop himself is often the case of severe psychic disturbances. – C.G. Jung
H.G. Wells's imagination is of that flashing and creative kind which illuminates common objects and situations with all the time-effacing and place-escaping beauty of pure art.' – Spectator

HERBERT GEORGE WELLS (1866–1946), commonly known as H.G. Wells, was a prolific English writer nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature four times. Although his writing spanned many genres and forms, he is best remembered for his science fiction novels, including The Time Machine, The Invisible Man and The War of the Worlds.

MICHAEL SHERBORNE is the author of the renowned biography of H.G. Wells Another Kind of Life (2010).

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Date Published 26th January 2017
ISBN Number 9780720619393
Pages 420

Christina Alberta's Father

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