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Byron and the Beauty is a work of historical fiction based on Lord Byron's biography and takes place during two weeks of October 1809 during his now famous sojourn in the Balkans. Besides being a great love story, this is also a novel about East and West, about Europe and the Balkans, about travel and friendship and cruelty.

Translated from the Bosnian by John K. Cox

'Byron’s account of his travels in the Albanian lands of the Ottoman Empire in October 1809 is fictionalised and immortalised in Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage; Muharem Bazdulj adds to it a playful episode in which the great English romantic poet encounters an equally great Bosnian beauty. Byron may have been “mad, bad, and dangerous to know”, Zulejha is certainly his rival in this last. Imaginative and richly atmospheric, Byron and the Beauty is both a love story – a novel equivalent of one of Byron’s “Turkish Tales” – and a twenty-first century account of an encounter between East and West in all its political implications.' – Vesna Goldsworthy

MUHAREM BAZDULJ, born in Travnik, Bosnia in 1977, is one of the leading writers of the younger generation to appear in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. He writes novels, short stories, poetry and essays, as well as being active as a journalist and a translator.

Bibliographic Data
Date Published 2nd May 2016
ISBN Number 9781908236289
Pages 180

Byron and the Beauty

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