Peter Vansittart

PETER VANSITTART (1920–2008) was a British historian and historical novelist, and one of the most intriguing writers working in post war Britain. Far from being a typical historical novelist, Vansittart was renowned for producing challenging fiction, and his writing was characterized by an esoteric and philosophical approach to history and a sincere love of language. He wrote more than 40 books, which also encompassed anthologies, works on literature and social history. He formally retired from writing after his last novel, the critically acclaimed Secret Protocols, and died shortly after its publication. 
'My novels have been appreciated, if not always enjoyed, more by critics than the reading public, which shows no sign of enjoying them at all. This must be partly due to my obsession with language and speculation at the expense of narrative, however much I relish narrative in others.' – Peter Vansittart

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