• Apothecary Melchior And The Ghost Of Rataskaevu Street

Tallinn, Estonia, 1419. Within days of each other a prostitute and a tower watchman are found dead. The only clue to their demise is a ghost said to haunt a house on Rataskaevu street, whose ghastly apparition the victims had spoken of seeing sometime before their deaths.

Melchior Wakenstede, apothecary and assistant bailiff, is charged with unearthing the truth behind these seemingly supernatural crimes. With an eye for detail and a nose for justice, Melchior inspects the house on Rataskaevu street, only to find a number of castrated and rotting corpses. Is this, as the superstitious denizens of medieval Tallinn believe, the work of vengeful ghosts? of Satan himself? But when a pious and powerful old merchant dies, Melchior perceives a more corporeal connection between the deaths.

In his attempts to solve the riddle, Melchior becomes embroiled in the conflicts and rivalries between religious orders, merchant guilds and Teutonic Knights, each vying with the other for control of the town.

Part mystery, part historical fiction, Apothecary Melchior and the Ghost of Rataskaevu Street is the latest English language translation of the Apothecary Melchior series that is the talk of Europe. Indrek Hargla is the Bernard Cornwell, Elis Peters and C. J. Sansom of the continent, and in his apothecary Melchior he has created a character to rival Brother Cadfael.

INDREK HARGLA is one of the most prolific and bestselling Estonian authors working today, mostly in the fields of science fiction, fantasy and crime. He is best known internationally for his Apothecary Melchior series, which now runs to six volumes with film adaptations currently in preparation.
Bibliographic Data
Date Published 1st April 2016
ISBN Number 9780720618457
Pages 288

Apothecary Melchior And The Ghost Of Rataskaevu Street

  • £9.99

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