• Dreams, Demons And Desire

Wendy Perriam's first collection of short stories sees her remarkable cast of characters torn between submission and murderous revenge as they battle a variety of personal demons.

A docile civil servant chooses the public baths as the setting for his private Armageddon; a widow's false nails become an unlikely instrument of catharsis; a couple conjure their dead dog into existence; a frustrated Sunday painter devours eleven farmhouse loaves at a sitting.

Perriam casts an unflinching eye on the absurdity of the human condition and the often demonic forces behind our desires. She creates a singular world in which self-fulfillment and self-destruction are but a hairs breadth apart and where a search for personal redemption is down a slippery road to public mayhem.

Perriam's novels have been acclaimed for their potent mix of sex and religion, love and betrayal, and for their sharply observed insights into contemporary mores. These stories take her talent in a new direction.

"Perriam is a writer of authority and skill, with a wicked ear for conversational quirks." Sunday Times

"Perriam is one of the finest and funniest writers to emerge from England since Kingsley Amis. She is gifted with devastating powers of observation and can all up characters who are both compact and complex." Herald Tribune

"Each book is a magnificently orchestrated orgy in which her potent blend of sex, religion and humour takes the reader on a spiritual odyssey from the solid rocks of safety to the wilder shores of fantasty." Time Out

"Perriam is one of the most interesting novelists of her generation." Sunday Times

WENDY PERRIAM is one of the most popular and readable writers of women's fiction in recent years. She has published sixteen novels.

Bibliographic Data
Date Published 3rd January 2001
ISBN Number 9780720611090
Pages 240

Dreams, Demons And Desire

  • £10.95

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