• Guilty

From the Author of Ice

Set in an unspecified but eerily familiar time and landscape, Guilty is the story of Mark, a young boy, spiritually and materially lost in the aftermath of war.

Mark's father has returned from the fighting. He is a pacifist and because of his views he is forced into exile. Once more bereft of a father-figure, Mark projects on Mr Spector, a man who is willing to take on the role, seeing him through his schooling, employment and even finding him accommodation. When Mark tries to break off with Mr Spector in order to pursue an engagement with the beautiful but docile Carla his life begins to unravel. Thwarted at every turn by a Kafkaesque bureaucracy he begins to fall prey to the machinations and insecurities of his guilt-ridden mind.

Drawing on many of Kavan’s familiar themes, Guilty will be welcomed by those who already know Kavan’s work and a revelation to those who don’t.

Thrillingly unclassifiable’ – The Guardian
‘A week after finishing it, I’m still haunted. Kavan’s art is breathtaking – why is there no South Bank Show on this genius drug-fiend?’ – Duncan Fallowell, Financial Times

ANNA KAVAN (1901–1968) is one of the greatest unsung enigmas in twentieth-century British literature. Born Helen Ferguson, a fraught childhood and two failed marriages led her to change her name to that of one of her characters. Despite struggling with mental illness and heroin addiction for most of her life she was still able to write fiction that was as powerful and memorable as any English female writer of the last 150 years.
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Date Published 3rd May 2007
ISBN Number 9780720612875
Pages 192


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