• Retreat From Love

A tale of the sexual and emotional machinations of three upper-class youths in a remote farmhouse, Retreat From Love shows the work of a newly mature Colette, a novelist to be judged by the highest standards.

In an isolated farmhouse in the Jura, Claudine awaits her husband Renaud’s return from a Swiss sanatorium. She distracts herself by encouraging her young friend Annie to recount salacious episodes from her love life. When Renaud’s homosexual son Marcel arrives Claudine sets about matchmaking, a fiasco she bitterly regrets.

Retreat From Love is one of the best of Colette’s celebrated ‘Claudine’ novels. It was the first to be written under her own name, without the influence of her husband, the Svengali Willy, from whom she had recently separated.

Translated from the French and with an introduction by Margaret Crosland
‘The realization that Colette was a major literary talent is apparent on every page.’ – Irish Times
‘Retreat From Love is an important book in the Colette canon, for it shows Colette becoming aware of the value of her feeling of oneness with nature and learning to express it simply and poetically.’ – Times Literary Supplement
‘With languid abandonment Colette descibes sexual games played by three aristocrats … This English translation admirably captures the eroticism of the prose.’ – The Times

SIDONIE GABRIELLE COLETTE (1873–1954) was born in Burgundy, France. She married when she was twenty and collaborated with her husband on the Claudine novels published under his name. She became the foremost French woman author of her time and established herself as an outstanding talent. Her novels and prose-works are notable for their sensitive understanding and portrayal of nature and country life. She died in 1954.
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Date Published 11th August 2004
ISBN Number 9780720612271
Pages 240

Retreat From Love

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