• The Blood Of Angels

From the author of Not Before Sundown (Troll – A Love Story) is an eco-thriller in which the world's bees suddenly disappear causing an agricultural and ecological disaster.

The phenomenon of colony-collapse disorder, the sudden mass disappearance of bees, has spread across the world. Amateur beekeeper Orvo, devastated by the recent death of his eco-warrior son, finds two of his hives deserted and begins to fear that the ‘epidemic’ has reached Scandinavia. Then, in the attic of the old barn, he makes a mystical and frightening discovery: a pathway to a parallel world. Is it a hallucination stimulated by sorrow and loss? Or is it something very real and connected with the bees’ disappearance? His research teaches him that in practically every culture bees are viewed as half-supernatural messengers that can travel between worlds and are associated with resurrection and the afterlife. He begins to wonder if this portal could reunite him with his dead son and whether he can himself escape the ecological meltdown of this world.

The Blood of Angels reworks the Orpheus myth while analysing modern man’s need to deny his mortality and raise himself above the rest of nature – but at what price?

Translated from the Finnish by Lola Rogers
‘Sinisalo's novel engages in a fierce discussion of ecological choices while also imagining an unusually picturesque, Orpheus-tinged search for love beyond death.’ – Kirkus Reviews
‘Stunning prose take the reader down a twisting path between gritty ecoterrorism and another world.’ – Library Journal
‘Beautifully well-written on important issues, it is a novel to check out and a quick read that will linger like honey on the tongue.’ – The Skiffy and Fanty Show
‘Oddly haunting and almost elegiac in tone . . . It sounds like a backhanded compliment to say this is the finest novel we're likely to see about Colony Collapse Disorder, but we're fortunate to have one this good at all.’ – Locus Magazine
‘This hard-hitting fantasy is based in a good degree of reality and its blend of environmental and personal crisis creates a gripping narrative that's truly hard to put down.’ – California Bookwatch
‘A gorgeous, heartbreaking tale.’ – Washington Post
‘An impressive novel by renowned Finnish fantasist Sinisalo’ – Publishers Weekly
‘The Blood of Angels artfully combines existential crisis with environmental crisis.’ – Le Monde

JOHANNA SINISALO was an important and award-winning figure in the Finnish science fiction scene in the late 1980s and early '90s. Sinisalo was awarded the Finlandia Prize for literature in 2000 for her first novel, Ennen päivänlaskua ei voi (translated as Not before sundown in 2003 and again as Troll — A Love Story in 2004 for the US market.

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Date Published 30th July 2014
ISBN Number 9780720610048
Pages 224

The Blood Of Angels

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