• The Fairy Visions Of Richard Dadd

In The Fairy Visions of Richard Dadd Miranda Miller returns to Bethlem Hospital, better known as Bedlam, where she left the eponymous heroine of her last novel, Nina in Utopia. In the asylum we meet the celebrated Victorian painter Richard Dadd, confined to the hospital after committing patricide. Here he is haunted by vicious fairies, his dead father and the Egyptian god Osiris.

Dr Hood, the progressive Resident Physician of Bedlam, with his enlightened views about mental illness, is determined to reform the institution. In 1857 he gives Dadd a spacious room in which to paint, and with the doctor's encouragement the artist begins to produce his best work, including The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke. But Dadd soon finds himself in 21st-century London where he glimpses the mysterious Nina and his own painting …

'Miller's intricate fictions are lit by the dark flicker of a strong and original imagination.' – Hilary Mantel

MIRANDA MILLER was born in London in 1950 and has lived in Italy, Japan, Libya and Saudi Arabia. She has published six novels to day, including Loving Mephistopheles and Nina in Utopia, in addition to a collection of short stories set in Saudi Arabia called A Thousand and One Coffee Mornings and a work of non-fiction into the lives of homeless women. 
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Date Published 2nd July 2013
ISBN Number 9780720615036
Pages 224

The Fairy Visions Of Richard Dadd

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