• To The Slaughterhouse

From the author of the international best-selling eco-parable The Man Who Planted Trees comes one of the most powerful accounts of the First World War ever written.

The Great War has come to the hills and valleys of Provence. As young men leave for the trenches, a small community falls into disrepair. Loneliness, sorrow and heartache are all pervasive at home, while on the western front, in the trenches and in no man's land, visceral horrors keep men up at night

Giono's fiercely realistic novel contrasts the wholesale destruction of men, land and animals at the front, with the moral disintegration of the lonely and anxious people left behind.

Giono's style and unaffected voice recall the classics of World War I literature. Like A Farewell to Arms, Under Fire and All Quiet on the Western Front, To The Slaughterhouse is an essential record of the First World War. Those familiar with The Man Who Planted Trees will recognize in the narrative Giono's love of the countryside and his faith in its rebirth.

With the centenary of World War One upon us, there is no better time to discover Jean Giono's forgotten classic.

‘One of the most terrible and moving novels of war to have been written in our time.’ — Listener
‘Few books about the First World War have achieved a sharper intensity.’ —Sunday Telegraph
‘Giono’s curious blend of mysticism and realism becomes more and more potent.’ — James Fenton, New Statesman
‘A rhapsody of the triumphant earth, sensuous as the opening to The Rainbow , and as stark and exact from the retina as yesterday.’ — Guardian

JEAN GIONO was born in the small Provencal town of Manosque. Giono's fictional Provence is an almost mythological place of harsh beauty and unforgiving people, a world away from the pastis, plane trees and boules evoked by his great friend Marcel Pagnol. Giono wrote more than thirty novels as well as many volumes of short stories, plays, poetry, essays and film scripts. After serving on the western front, Giono was gaoled for his pacifist views, and subsequently imprisoned again for the trumped-up charge of collaboration. His major works include The Horseman on the Roof and The Man Who Planted Trees, which, along with To the Slaughterhouse, have established him as one of the most distinguished of French writers. He died in Manosque, having spent the majority of his life there, in 1970.
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Date Published 11th August 2013
ISBN Number 9780720612127
Pages 224

To The Slaughterhouse

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