• Wolf Moon

May 2017

Part of the Peter Owen World Series: Spain

Defeated by the Nationalists, four Republican fugitives flee into the Cantabrian mountains at the end of the Spanish Civil War. They are on the run, skirmishing with the Guardia Civil, knowing that surrender means death. Wounded and hungry they are frequently drawn from the safety of the wilderness into the villages they once inhabited, not only risking their lives but the lives of those sympathizers helping them. Faced with the lonely mountains, harsh winters and unforgiving summers, it is only a matter of time before they are hunted down. Llamazares's lyrical prose vividly animates the wilderness, making the Spanish landscape as much a witness to the brutal oppression of the Franco regime as the persecuted villagers and republicans.

Published in 1985, Wolf Moon was the first novel that centred on the Spanish Maquis to be published in Spain after Franco's death in 1975.

Translated from the Spanish by Simon Deefholts andKathryn Phillips-Miles 

JULIO LLAMAZARES (b. 1955) is a Spanish author poet, novelist, essayist and journalist. His work often deals with the collective memory of Spanish society and, in particular, the progressive decline of rural cultural heritage. He has published six novels together with several books of poems, essays and travel writing.

Bibliographic Data
Date Published May 2017
ISBN Number 9780720619454
Pages 240

Wolf Moon

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