• Small Guide, Big Journey: The Pocket Companion to a Conscious Life

August 2020, available to pre-order

A guide to life and its biggest ideas, from birth to death, Plato to Jung, told in an accessible style by esteemed psychotherapist Beata Bishop.

All of us have different ways of living our lives, but within that huge, rich bundle of possibilities some basic themes will always be present. These – family, relationships, stages of life, death and survival – have concerned humankind since the beginning of time, yet today we still have to find individual answers to the profound questions they pose.

The purpose of this small guide is to shed light on the many important aspects of our shared adventure and to present new viewpoints and possibilities – and perhaps solutions to persistent problems of daily living. Regard it as an invisible but enthusiastic travelling companion whose great gift is to teach us to live consciously.

Beata Bishop BEATA BISHOP is a psychotherapist, writer and lecturer who scrutinizes the basic questions, problems and many glories of human existence in the spirit of Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology. She lives in London and has run workshops and seminars all over the UK as well as in Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and the USA. Her memoir of beating cancer A Time to Heal has been translated into ten languages.

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Date Published August 2020
ISBN Number 9780720620801
Pages 96
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Small Guide, Big Journey: The Pocket Companion to a Conscious Life

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