• Flight Without End

From the author of The Radetzky March

Flight Without End tells the story of a young ex-officer of the Austro-Hungarian army in the 1914-18 War who makes his way back from captivity in Siberia and service with the Bolshevik army only to find that the old order that shaped him has crumbled and there is no place for him in the new 'European' culture that has taken its place. He is consigned to a life of cultural isolation and exile.

'I find it impossible to explain with any certainty why a writer of such immense gifts and achievements should not be more revered.' – Ronald Harwood, The Jewish Quarterly
'Roth has the technique and style of a major writer ... his prose is always equal to the diverse effects he demands of it – nicely modulated irony, lyrical flights, hard concrete descriptive passages.' – The New Republic
'Among his earlier works are several which put into a form both stylistically and politically ominous the convictions Roth had formed about the modern world. Flight Without End is one of these: characteristically abrupt, oblique, ironic and dislocated.' – Russell Davies, TLS
'A small, almost perfect book.' – Rolling Stone

JOSEPH ROTH was born in Brody, Galicia – then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire now in Ukraine – in 1894. He served in the Austrian army between 1916 and 1918. After the war he moved to Vienna and worked for newspapers in Austria and Germany. He established a reputation for himself as a brilliant and insightful journalist. As early as 1923 he warned against the threat of Nazism, travelling extensively not only across Austria and Germany but all over Eastern Europe and Russia where he reported on the Russian revolution. In 1933, with his warnings about Fascism unheeded, he left Germany in disgust and moved to Paris where depression and alcoholism overcame him. He drank himself into an early grave in 1939.
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Date Published 7th January 2000
ISBN Number 9780720610680
Pages 144

Flight Without End

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