• Hidden Faces

‘As far back as 1922 the great poet Garcia Lorca had predicted that I was destined for a literary career and had suggested that my future lie precisely in the “pure novel”.’

In Hidden Faces, the only novel by Salvador Dalí, the reader enters the bizarre world already familiar to us from his paintings.

Dalí describes, in vividly visual terms, the intrigues and love affairs of a group of dazzling, eccentric aristocrats who, with their luxurious and extravagant lifestyle, symbolize the decadence of the 1930s. The story of the tangled lives of the protagonists, from the February riots of 1934 in Paris to the closing days of the Second World War, constitutes a brilliant and dramatic vehicle for Dalí’s vision and reads as an epitaph of pre-war Europe.

Translated from the French by Haakon Chevalier.
‘Dalí’s only novel is as bizarre and as jewelled as any of his work.’ – Margaret Reynolds, Times
‘Start the first page and you are in the presence of an old-fashioned baroque novel, intelligent, extravagant, as photographically precise as his paintings but not so silly.’ – PJ Kavanagh, Guardian
‘So full of visual invention, so witty, so charged with an almost Dickensian energy that it's difficult not to accept its author's own arrogant valuation of himself as a genius.’ – George Melly, Observer

SALVADOR DALí (1958 1982) was a leading figure in the surrealist movement. He remains the most recognizable and most renowned artist of the 20th century.
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Date Published 31st May 2016
ISBN Number 9780720619010
Pages 320

Hidden Faces

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