• Assisted Dying: Who Makes the Final Decision?

Published in conjunction with the organization Dignity in Dying, this important new book provides a forum for expert commentators in a variety of fields, including religion and medicine, to explore whether the most humane response to the torment and helplessness of certain severely incapacitated individuals is to assist them in their wish to die.

Assisted dying is perhaps one of the most divisive issues of the modern age, generating endless headlines and moral debates. This collection is edited by two proponents of greater choice at the end of life, and all the contributors support the need to change the law. Starting from a position that the current legal situation is untenable, detailed case studies shed light on the negative consequences of the current state of the law which forbids assisted dying, and the lack of choices offered to dying people who are suffering intolerably at the moment. The book's case studies punctuate chapters, written by a variety of authors, about different aspects of the subject: these chapters attempt to address the concerns raised by the case studies.

With a foreword by Sir Terry Pratchett

LESLEY CLOSE Lesley is the co-editor and author of Assisted Dying: Who Makes the Final Decision? She became a patron and spokesperson of Dignity in Dying after her brother was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and made the decision to die by assisted suicide. She is now an advocate for legal assisted dying in UK.
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Date Published 12th February 2014
ISBN Number 9780720610147
Pages 192

Assisted Dying: Who Makes the Final Decision?

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