• Erotica: Drawings By Cocteau

‘These erotic drawings are replete with Cocteau favourites - well-endowed teenage sailors disporting themselves in a blatantly sexual manner . . . delectable.’ - Gay Times

Highly revealing in Cocteau’s own search for personal truth, these sensitively drawn and haunting works have had a profound influence on our perception of the graphic relations between art and literature.

Cocteau’s models came from a variety of backgrounds. Some were casual pick-ups, others were lovers and friends. Among those represented here are schoolfriends who influenced his sexual development as well as two of his most famous lovers; the precocious writer Raymond Radiguet and the actor Jean Marais. Cocteau also drew many of his distinguished contemporaries; Picasso, Stravinsky, Nijinsky, Apollinaire, Sarah Bernhardt, Isadora Duncan and Mistinguett.

‘Putting the cock in Cocteau is this new book by the French Renaissance man himself. Long before Tom of Finland, Jean Cocteau was doodling you studs dressed as chefs, sailors and ruffians with dicks like rolling pins and some pretty bad attitudes.’ – Boyz
‘Lavish . . . a fitting tribute to sexual love and a defiant expression of sexual liberty.’ – Him
‘Surprisingly explicit.’ – Arts Review

JEAN COCTEAU was born in 1889 in Maisons-Laffitte, Yvelines, a village near Paris. He is regarded as one of France’s greatest men of letters. A multi-faceted talent, he achieved distinction as a poet, playwright and critic, as well as an artist, illustrator, composer, actor and film-maker. Among his best known novels are Les Enfants Terribles, Thomas the Impostor and The Miscreant. He died in 1963.
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Date Published 11th January 2002
ISBN Number 9780720611816
Pages 112

Erotica: Drawings By Cocteau

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